War Wagon

by Lüt



Album artwork by SM Smith; musical guests include: Coco Black, Monty Roberts, and Chris Webb


released May 11, 2010

Engineered by Lüt
additional engineering by Monty Roberts


all rights reserved



Lüt Albany, New York

Lüt is an american alternative rock group formed in a San Francisco flophouse-basement in 1996. The trio of Lars Bumgratenschlef, Neilz Eifitz, and Chas Hollywood met in an upstate NY high school in 1988. Out of necessity, they continue to record and comment musically on such topics as tire-fires, broads, demons, jackasses, woman drivers, commercially available crap-rock, and chimney fires. ... more

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Track Name: Fire Come Down The Chimney
fire come down the chimney
like we’s the only place in town
like that storm done back in ‘50
when it tore that old barrel house down

backing it down the lane
now that’s one girl who knows how to park
the party light’s been on
duallys up and down the block

she’s not the only one if it takes all night

we over-paid 2 dudes to sweep it
and just when the check was cut
ran out with the 6-string
as soon as the shit lit up

ooooh, chimney fire light
ooooh, tighties no longer white
Track Name: Little J Dünnhom
if every day were only an hour
spirits pass in the shimmering night
you sulk away like a dwindling flower
hopelessly alive

what’s that you say i told you that forever
was a long long time (such a long time)
we’re both so hopelessly tragic
and you’re all dressed in black

lipstick mottled and depressed
loathed dishevlery as a mistress
waiting patiently in line
oh for the fallout
Track Name: The Gandry (Kinsman's Journey Part IV)
flying south before the winter
for they know not what they’ve done
sitting aboard the parent spaceship
as pretty as the day is young

it’s only time before the gandry
the holy terror’s just begun

northern light upon their shoulders
two blind pharaohs in the night
exchanging glances with their whispering eyes
revealed at once by second sight

it’s only time before the gandry
the holy terror’s just arrived

no need to monish one in orbit
this lasting colic soon shall pass
southern cross as our guidepost
embarking unto the expanse

‘tis at once they were meandering
regarding silence in the sun
Track Name: The Ballad of Mitchie Beerwagen
it was a bright september day back in ought four
he was hunting out past old state road with beans, his rabbit dog
you should have seen the sight just down up the dirt road
young lady leaning on a plymouth horizon all caught up in the mud

then beans looked over to him & mitchie glanced back
just then they knew what had to be done to get her back on track
she was so grateful for what they had done
she thanked young mitchie right then & there he sent old beans on a run

he’s been with her for 6 months now a hilltown beauty queen
shooting cans from his daddy’s hand all now seems just like a dream
he was a good lookin’ kid never ‘shamed what he done
was him & beans for the longest time, here come a pretty lady with a forked tongue

woah-oh, someone hitting the road tonight
woah-oh someone getting itchy
whatever happened to mitchie? he was so young
he’s a-blazin toward a western showdown
throwing caution in the sun

a couple years’ve gone by now she & mitchie moved in
but him & beans still out shooting frogs & playing with road-kill remains

mitchie been getting the bug, I’m not talking VD
her yapper going both morning, noon & night, it might’ve even upset poor beans

now the doors is a slammin’ romance battered and torn
it’s either go down in flames with the ship or bail out on his own

woah-oh, throwing down some o’douls tonight, woah-oh, driving into the city
she was yap, yappin’ at mitchie ever since he was young
mitchie’s not much for talking now unless them fighting words being slung
whatever happened to mitchie? he was so young
woke up on the wrong side of kansas & he knew his race was run
Track Name: He Gave Her A Rose
and when the deed was done
not far from where the demon hung
evening turns to night
the last curdling flicker in his eye

waiting to be told
had left a vacuum in his soul
violence & greed
2 pillars of the eternal creed

he gave her a rose before he died
they never made promises
only god knows how hard he tried
you know how bad demon possession is

wanting to be free
from the dark lord and his army
those dark & lovely eyes
mercy angel in cloaken disguise

you might think her insane
for welcoming the demon in
his one final request
to long savor the kiss of death

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